Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Didja ever?

Didja ever think you were having a bad week and then come to realize you had no idea how bad it could be? I'm not talking about real tragedy here, I'm talking about inanimate objects aligning their forces against you, everyone you know needing something not particularly urgent from you right now, and traffic jams that take the plural out of "miles per hour." That kind of bad.
My theory is that kind of bad likes a little bit of attention. Once it knows its badness has been validated, it can go be bad to someone else for a while.
So here's a few of the minor troubles the badness has inflicted on me:
  • random paper cuts that go undetected until I use hand sanitizer. Ouch.
  • I told a co-worker I didn't think there was anything that could improve my day. She told me all the Oreos were gone. An Oreo could have improved my day.
  • There really was a traffic jam for no reason; quadrupling my commute.
  • And why is it all the songs I find emotionally distressing find their way to the radio on days like this?

OK badness, you can go away now.

1 comment:

Just Cuz said...

Now that entry into the blog made ME laugh! You have a way of putting words together so that I can visualize them and that makes it have a deeper understandfing for me, even if its just about badness and not something more serious.