Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At Last, A Top Ten

I've been sick for quite a while and unable to post. As I told my friends, I hate it when I get a game plan together and then I get sidelined. One of my last posts was on books for writers. Here's a list of tools for writers that I find useful. These are especially helpful when I need to arm myself to get back into the game.
  • My Alphasmart. I love that it's a no-frills portable word processor. No danger of Freecell or web surfing. I can type anywhere.
  • While I try to avoid excess surfing, I can't do without my favorite writing groups, blogs, and sites. Maybe they'll be featured in a future top ten.
  • Gel pens or fountain pens. I love these for journaling and brainstorming.
  • Write Again software. It's a great all in one organizing, tracking, and planning program.
  • Notebooks. My new favorites are the smaller size from CVS. They've got great plastic covers, but they aren't too expensive.
  • My ipod. Sometimes I write with music, sometimes not. But I often use my ipod to at least mask noise in my immediate surroundings.
  • The basics: my PC, my desk. I love being able to customize my environment to stimulate creativity.
  • I know I mentioned e-sword before, but I'm mentioning them again. They have bibles and so many bible study tools.
  • A handful of tools from Levenger. Required? No. Fun? Yes. They make these notepads shaped to fit in front of my monitor. No more saving emails forever because I never write down the info.
  • Chocolate. It's good for celebration, consolation, encouragement, reward. It's an incredibly versatile tool.

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