Monday, April 20, 2009

Brain Dump

Here's a random list of 10 things going on in my brain and my life right now, just for fun:

  1. I just got back from a week long workshop on mental health and wellness. Once I process all the information, I'll post more on it.
  2. I need to update my Etsy site.
  3. I have the hiccups.
  4. Katerina loves her Easter present, a feather, rattan,and catnip concoction she can't stop batting all over the place.
  5. It's supposed to snow tonight and be in the 80's by Friday.
  6. I have over 650 emails and I'm feeling peer pressure to get my inbox down to zero.
  7. I really, really need to get some quality art time in to my schedule this week.
  8. I wish I understood Twitter better. I don't think I use it effectively at all.
  9. Every time I plan to walk to the gym, it rains.
  10. I'm finishing up my study of Job and moving on to a devotional series on Joshua.

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