Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Weekend Blogger

Around this time of year I start thinking about plans and goals for next year. I try to take a look at what worked and what didn't work over the past year. You know, keep what works and chuck the rest.
I haven't gotten very far, but these are some of the adjustments I am contemplating.
  • Continuing the blog on a reduced, weekends only schedule.
  • Building my own intensive topical bible study for the coming year.
  • Experimenting with schedules and strategies that keep my energy level in balance (minor adjustments such as what time I exercise or take a bath seem to strongly influence fatigue and nausea).
  • I'm still on the fence about writing, but I think I have determined that I will do some significant writing about writing and see where it takes me.
  • Normally I dislike the strict "do this every day" type of goal. However, I think I'd like to follow what is something of a mantra in the creative/arts world. "Do something creative every day."

What about you? Any goals or plans for the coming year?

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