Wednesday, July 30, 2008

13 Questions

  1. Which handmade books should I take to the conference?
  2. Did I take my medicine tonight?
  3. Why won't my insurance pay for the test I need?
  4. Why is Dean's Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream so good?
  5. Why do so many people come across my blog by googling sad search terms?
  6. Is my blog sad?
  7. How should I dress for the conference tomorrow?
  8. What questions should I ask for my book discussion group?
  9. Why do people say things they don't mean?
  10. Is next week's meeting going to be rescheduled?
  11. Will a magic house fairy come & clean my home while I'm gone?
  12. Will a magic work fairy come & do all my paperwork while I'm gone?
  13. Am I forgetting anything?


marcia@joyismygoal said...

I think people mean well and can't back up their intentions and no you did not get it all our work is never done - and that is a good thing:)

bernieg1 said...

Well we all ask these questions, so I suppose we should start using those postie's more often to remind us of what we did do and still need to do. :)

My 34th TT is up: 13 comments you can make to your physician while he's performing a colonoscopy on you. Here's the link.

Kim said...

Please send themagic house fair to my house after she finishes with your house. Great post. Kim

Hootin' Anni said...

If that fairy shows up at your doorstep and cleans for you, let us we can capture one too.

Happy T-13...hope your day treats you well. Come on by if you can find time, this week Jefé's back with her Thursday Humor...........

elaine said...

my blog is sad i think, at least lately, it's been the blog of death haha, happy TT!