Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Few Observations

  • I had a number of readers request that I allow comments on my blog, so I made that change a few months ago. I’ve had fewer comments on my blog than when I allowed comments only from other registered bloggers.
  • Every year I forget just how wonderful the lilacs are. I keep thinking they just can’t be as fantastic as I remember them being. Every year I am really wrong about that.
  • Since I don’t have cable, I sometimes feel like I’m missing out because I can’t find anything good on TV. Then I go to my parents’ house, where there are dozens more channels and I realize there still isn’t really anything good on TV most of the time.
  • I can’t find anything to read. I’m just putzing around with some minor reads because I can’t find anything to read. This is unheard of for me. I was on a dark, deep, depressing reading kick for a long time. I got so stuck in that rut that now when I want to read something light & happy I find I have no idea where to even begin.


Anonymous said...

Just adding a comment, because you seem to be inviting one.

I remember, as a kid, standing in front of a pretty well stocked fridge, and complaining that i can't find anything to eat. Then my Mom would point out that if I can't find anything to eat in that fridge, Then, I'm probably not really hungry. And she was right, I was somewhat bored, and just thought I'd eat something, for lack of anything else to do.

I wonder if we all do that sort of thing, other than with food. Like going to the library, looking for a book, and nothing seems to trip the trigger. Maybe we didn't really feel like reading afterall.

Just Cuz said...

If you want a good book to just enjoy and not have to do any heavy thinking go to the library and check out Janet Evanovich! I cant put those books down. Its one of those books that just takes you away from the reality of the day and you can just let your mind relax.