Monday, September 03, 2007

A Bloggie Birthday!

Today my blog is a year old. It's been quite a year. I think the blog essentially keeps to the theme I intended when I started it, although the focus has perhaps shifted a bit. Then again, I knew that would happen when I started.
I know of at least 2 other blogs celebrating birthdays/anniversaries in this first part of September. I wonder when most blogs are started, and I wonder why?
If there's anything you'd like to read more about in the next year, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.

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Crystal Warren Miller said...

Hope it was a happy day and that you ate that great Chicago pizza and a piece of chocolate cake!

I've been talking about you on my blog. You are a delight to me and I'm so glad you started blogging. It's one way to keep those writerly muscles strong (and you're a great writer in my book!)
Your SALT sister, Cris