Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Colors, Man....

I'm about to get my place painted. I'm quite excited about this. I've recently had cause to do everything I can to improve my mood. I've always known that my mood is particularly affected by color so this change couldn't have come at a better time. Right now I'm surrounded by a bold yellow that I find stress inducing. Normally I don't notice this much. But lately I find myself retreating from the main living space to read or otherwise occupy myself in my bedroom, which is the only room I've had painted so far.
The bedroom is my favorite color, a periwinkle blue. This is, IMHO, an ideal, restful color for a bedroom. And get this, the color of the paint is called "Beautiful Dream." How cool is that for a bedroom? Soon the rest of my home will have colors that are equally as enjoyable.
So maybe this post falls into the "too much information" category. Or maybe you think it's just pointless information. But if your life lacks energy, or peace, or creativity, you might be able to add a dose of it through the colors you surround yourself with. It certainly couldn't hurt.

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Crystal Warren Miller said...

I love this sort of conversation. Picking new colors is right up there with getting a new box of crayons! And I used to pick periwinkle blue from my 64-box of Crayolas.

I think it sounds wonderful and I hope you have photos.

Right now I'm not happy with the color of my dining room/front room. I finally figured out that it is because it is an unappetizing dark green. No one ever wants to go in there, either and we don't have that much space. And the carpet is an awful mottled black! Can we spell DEPRESSING?

I need a room makeover, too. Can't wait to hear about yours/see photos!