Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A couple of days ago I mentioned I'd like to work on outsourcing tasks that take up a disproportionate amount of my time and energy. While I was brainstorming a list of potential things to outsource, I came to the conclusion that I would love to outsource all the networking and excess small chatty socializing that seems to go along with being a successful writer.
The problem is, I'm an introvert. If I were any more of an introvert, I might just be a hobbit. And my day job is professional counseling. Now before you go making faces, introverts can make good counselors because we are good listeners. It's just that by the end of the day, I'm done with the whole talking to people thing.
My friend Cris is really good at connecting with other people. And my friend LeAnne also has a blog built entirely around interacting with other people in the arts. I just have a hard time finding the energy & time to make & keep those connections on top of my day job, and making writing a priority itself.
So if you visit and/or give me feedback, I appreciate it. I wish I could say I'll be better about responding and adding more links to my blog. Part of my problem is that I don't want to ask someone to exchange links unless I'm truly able to say I read their blog on a somewhat regular basis. There are a few blogs I do read, I just don't want to imply that I read & network more than I do.
There was recently an article in a writing magazine about a writer who succeeds as an introvert. I'm glad it's possible. I'm glad it worked for him. But the article didn't tell me "how" to make that work. I need some solid ways to work with my strengths in this area.
Anyone want to be a surrogate extrovert?


Crystal Warren Miller said...

Interesting enough, most writers are introverts! (So you are in good company--everyone is together on this.;) What is funny is that I'm an introvert. I TRY to be outgoing, but I'm not. I feel drained after large gatherings, so I hear ya. If you find the practical applications of that article, then please share them with us.

But if more people knew about your great blog and writing, they would love you. Keep at it!

Karen Wingate said...

Nancy, this was so insightful. I often feel the same way. It seems like someone said recently that we need to work more at capitlizing on our strengths rather than bemoaning our weaknesses or differences. Two strengths of writers who are also introvers are that they are deep thinkers. Also, as you said yourself, they are great listerns and because of that, they are good observers. I think introverts can use these strengths in their writing. I'm sure you can come up with other strengths too.

As an introvert myself, I find I'm comfortable with going deep with only a few editors. I'm content to be a steady writer for just a few magazines. Work for hire is another avenue for the introverted person who isn't comfortable with a lot of networking and marketing.

This is a great topic! Thank you for opening it up to us on your blog.

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog - sorry it's taken me such a time to get back to you. Yes, you're very welcome to add me. Hope you're having a good weekend?