Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened...

I hope all y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In yet another Nano blog, I want to share something said at our house this weekend. It came up that I sleep with my fan on to drown out train noise. The following conversation between my brother & me ensued.
Brian: You need one of those noise/music/machine thingys.
Me: I have no where to put it.
Brian: Well, a relaxing CD you can put on repeat then.
Me: Yes! I want Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major.
Brian: That’s something I’m going to need you to write down.
Me: (laughing)
Brian: Because with what I got from that, I’m likely to get you a canon full of Taco Bell.
Me: (lots more laughing)

If you are keeping count, ths post brings me up to 101 of my favorite gifts.

chocolate chip pancakes
emails from cousins
Christmas ornaments (esp. those with bears on them)
a brother to see them with
“found” money in winter coats
all the Santas in my life
all the people I’m Santa to
being a godmother
inside jokes
the Salvation Army bells
laughing until I cry
people who say “thank you”
people who say “Merry Christmas”
spell check
my thesaurus from my brother
my dictionary from my aunt

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