Friday, November 03, 2006

Nano Blog

It’s fitting that NaNoWriMo can be shortened to NaNo because that’s the kind of blogs I’m going to be posting for November- nano blogs. As in small, teeny tiny blogs. So here you go.
Yesterday I went to the nursing home to visit a client. On my way out, I was feeling a little preoccupied, so I decided to stop in the chapel. I got about 7 feet from the doors and they both swung wide open.
For several seconds I literally looked right, left, up, & down thinking “God?” Then it occurred to me that they had a speedier version of the automatic door openers you usually see, so residents in wheelchairs would have easy access to the chapel.
My reaction was probably pretty funny to anyone watching. I couldn’t see what opened the door. But seriously, do the doors of all our churches swing open to welcome people so freely? What if what we really need to see is what keeps the door from opening?

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