Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Time Between the Times

Right now the sky is my favorite color; it's this lovely shade of periwinkle. Somewhere between blue and purple. It's not quite day, and it's not quite night- it's twilight. It's the "time between the times," my favorite time of day. I love this time of year because I'm actually able to observe the transition from day to night because the days are longer. The transition itself also takes longer at this time of year which gives me more time to enjoy it.
It's the same thing with spring. It's the transition between winter and summer. All kinds of things happen at this time of year. The world wakes up and shows off its colors. Sometimes it seems like spring happens in an instant and I miss out on much of it. Transitions can be chaotic and sudden. I'm trying to remember to pay more attention so I don't miss the little things worth anticipating every day.

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