Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, the good news is I have Feedblitz on my blog now. So you just need to sign up if you want my posts emailed to you instead of having to check the blog every few days to see if I've made any updates.
The bad news is that in order to get Feedblitz, I had to update to the new blogger template. As I mentioned before, this "upgrade" causes one to lose much of the work they've already invested in the blog. I don't like the way my blog looks now. And while it seems like I'll be able to restore it to close to how it looked before, it won't be the same. And it will take time.
Most notably, I've lost my links. You know, the links I told you to investigate earlier in the week while I took a few days off. Yeah, those disappeared. Kind of a mean trick, huh?
Anyway, sign up for my Feedblitz feed. It'll make your life easier and it'll make me feel popular.

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Crystal said...

You got your logo on there--beautiful(I love it--so YOU.) Grrr, it IS so frustrating trying to figure it all out. But you'll get there. I always like the look of your blog and the words are even better. I love the rainbow photo! More photos!