Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Rainbow

Right after I moved, I spent some time visiting my friend Deb in AZ. I was pretty burned out and looking forward to a change of scenery and some down time with my good friend. One thing I loved was the pace of our days. That was partially due to the fact that Deb was quite great with child and neither one of us was able to tolerate the heat very well. That suited me just fine. It was great to have a vacation and not worry about keeping up or dragging someone behind. It felt very nurturing.
Another nurturing thing about it was, well, the simple fact that I was nurtured. Deb even remembered that I love chocolate chip pancakes. And the dogs, what love fiends those guys are. Deb took great pains to see to it that I saw a variety of sites & got a lot of great pictures. She really wanted me to have a good time, & that in itself meant a lot to me.
The return travel home after a vacation is usually less than nurturing, especially when one is flying through O’Hare. On the day I came home, there was a storm at O’Hare & we were delayed in the air a bit. By the time I got home, the rain slowed to a drizzle and the sun was coming out. I saw the quality of the light and I just knew there was a rainbow waiting to welcome me home. I dropped my stuff and walked directly out to my balcony. And since I had just been traveling, I had my camera handy. So I have pictures. It’s a pretty great rainbow, even if the rest of the scenery isn’t as fabulous as where Deb lives. Even though I had to return to the real world, it was a great reminder of the beautiful stuff all around us.
It’s photographic evidence of grace.

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Crystal said...

Oh, wow! This is beautiful. You captured it wonderfully! Love it.