Monday, March 19, 2007

From the Bookpile

I need to take a few days off from blogging. In the meantime, I suggest you visit some of my fellow bloggers and favorite websites as listed in my sidebar.
Also, here’s a bit more information on some of the things in my waiting to be read pile, just in case your own waiting to be read pile is growing a little short.
Glimpses of Grace, Madeline L’Engle- A great daily devotional compiled from some of her previous writings. Excellent stuff to chew on here.
Unfinished Tales of Middle Earth, JRR Tolkien- Because these stories are in various stages of completion and edited by Mr. Tolkien’s son, Christopher, you get more than a collection of stories. You get a peek into his actual writing process. There’s information on the circumstances under which the stories were written and notes on other plot ideas & versions Mr. Tolkien considered. I could go on...
A Grief Observed, CS Lewis- I’ve read this book before, most recently just a few months ago. But reading after having suffered a loss is like reading it for the first time. Actually, it’s a bit like having CS Lewis in my head. Intense, but oddly validating and comforting.
There’s more in my pile, but I haven’t started most of it yet. I hope to be back soon.

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Crystal said...

Nancy, Since you love speculative fiction, you might want to check out Jeff Gerke's web site. He is a former editor with both the Christian publishers, NavPress and Strang (Realms) and he has this fabulous site, listing all of these books like Tolkien's. He is now freelance writing/book doctoring. Has great writer advice, too. Fun!