Tuesday, February 12, 2008

101 Goals

This morning an author was on TV promoting his latest book on success. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the so-called laws of attraction. To a certain extent, I think what you focus on contributes to the outcomes in your life. If I believe I'm going to be miserable at the Christmas party & no one will talk to me, I will probably act accordingly. If I believe I will meet some interesting new people & have fun, I will behave differently and have a different party experience. However, I don't buy the whole magical thinking concept of wishing what you want into existence.
That being said, this guy mentioned setting 101 goals as a technique for accomplishing what you want. Traditional wisdom says if you keep your goals few & managable, you have better chances of success. This approach is quite the opposite. I think one of the potential benefits is that with so many goals to work on, every year you will likely have accomplished at least a few of them.
Besides, I like lists of 100 things. It just sounds like fun to come up with that many goals. Some things I've already accomplished may even be on the list. Anyway, there will probably be a new list under my 100's at some point in the near furture.

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