Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am still pretty brain dead. I'm not doing a Sunday Scribblings post today because I'm thinking about switching up the weekly challenges I take part in. I've come up with a couple of sites that have links to weekly art challenges. Nostalgic Collage has links to challenges for every day of the week. Thank God It's Friday also has an extensive collection of links to sites with art challenges. I also like the name of the blog.
Most of the blogs I've found post challenges along certain themes. Do a piece of art on birds. Make an ATC about summertime. My problem is that the subject matter isn't always where I need the inspiration. I need something to help me with techniques and trying new media. There used to be a site that had "Technique Tuesday," but the blog has since shut down. I'm going to keep looking for that sort of thing.
I did find that Google has a site called Google Trends. You can find out what people are googling, updated on an hourly basis. You can also search key terms you might use in your blog to measure their popularity and thereby increase traffic to your site.
So, I accomplished something this week. Next week is another story. Posting might be light as I'm anticipating a busy week.

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