Monday, June 23, 2008


Lately my weekends have been just peachy. The only problem is the Mondays have to show up and they have a way of ruining the whole weekend vibe.
So, my philosophical musing for today is about weekends. If we could just find a way to make a little more of that weekend magic last into the week, I'm convinced things would work so much better. I would work so much better. I'm not even asking for the whole week, just maybe until Wednesday. And not even all the weekend magic; just a little of it. Ideas, anyone?
Nevertheless, today is Monday, which means things did not go well. Which is why this is all I'm writing as far as the blog posting goes today. Blogger decided to give me some grief about adding some blog links on handmade books. It took some doing, but I won that war. So I hope you enjoy the new links.

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