Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Scribblings

I found a new blog, Awareness. Already, I think it's going to become a favorite. I like the random, thoughtful comments on the experience of life. I've only been reading for a few days and I've found lots to think about. Today, she wrote about a subject prompted from another site that I've already grown fond of, Sunday Scribblings. This is another meme site that posts a writing prompt each week. I looked into their archive of topics and I liked what I saw. The prompts leave a lot of room for imagination and interpretation. They are short, usually one word; but it's a word that begs to have it's meaning, or multiple meanings explored. The connotative and denotative layers are deep and intense. I love that. I'm still going to have original, unprompted blog entries, but I'm going to experiment with adding this meme to my blogging schedule on occasion. Hope you like it.
All I have on this week's subject are a few loose associations, and maybe a couple of questions. Here they are anyway.
  • We can only guide someone as far as we've gone ourselves. Don't we then have a responsibility to push ourselves as far as we can? How do we do that?
  • I like the mentoring concept of Paul, Timothy, and Barnabas. Each of us should strive to be in relationships with people a bit further along, a bit behind, and right alongside us. This method of providing balance works in professional, spiritual, and other contexts.
  • This is really a loose association... my brother & dad play World of Warcraft. When you just start out in that game, about 95% of the mini-map that shows where you are in relation to the rest of the world is blank. You haven't been there yet, so you don't get to see what's there. You are guided by the map only as far as you can see in front of you.
  • Our dads (and moms, but it is Father's Day) guide us in a lot of ways, some intentional, and some not. Like I said, they can only guide us to where and what they know. We place a lot of meaning on the guiding role of parents. If you had a "good enough" parent that probably worked out fairly well for you, even if it's not perfect. If you didn't have a good enough parent, you had to find that guidance in other ways. How were you guided to where you are?

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Dianne Adams said...

This statement really caused me to think: "Each of us should strive to be in relationships with people a bit further along, a bit behind, and right alongside us." I had never thought of relationships in this way. Very thought provoking!