Friday, September 22, 2006

Artist Unblocked

I should have known. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block tonight (and some tornados that kept me away from the computer). The gap between all the interests that I want to write about seems too large to bridge. While my main avocation is writing, I also want to share other hobbies and ministries that interest me.
One of those interests is book art, the art of making unique books by hand. I especially like how this activity blends with so many of my other passions. In addition to the literary and artistic self expression, there are many therapeutic uses for book art, including allowing the artist to address spiritual issues. I’m hoping to have some good links on this topic in the future.
There are two blogs I want to tell y’all about. My friend LeAnne Benfield Martin has begun a
blog on Christians in the arts. I’m so excited about this blog. LeAnne is an excellent writer and has some wonderful things to share about how Christians impact the world using art.
My friend
Karen Wingate is also a fantastic writer and expert on curriculum material. Her post from yesterday delightfully explores the purpose and process of art in the classroom.
I should have known I could count on these ladies to inspire me tonight.
Friday Factoid: I really have a taste for fresh spinach.

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