Sunday, September 03, 2006

Exploring The Path Home

As a writer, my job is to discover new portions of the landscape of life and add them to my map. I came up with the tagline “Exploring the Path Home” to identify the theme that weaves through my freelance writing. Actually, the phrase now serves as a focal point for my whole life.
You see, my real home is a place I haven’t been to yet. I look forward to getting there, but truthfully, I hope it doesn’t happen for some time. As a Christian, life is something like one of those labyrinths made out of hedges. You know you are trying to get to the castle in the center, but the stuff that’s between the beginning and the end is pretty much a mystery. (I know quite a few writers whose writing process is similar. They know where they are starting & where they want the piece to end- getting there is a series of discoveries).
So that’s what I hope this blog will be about. Whether offering a signpost for direction, an anchor of support & encouragement, or just wandering around for the fun of it, I’m Exploring the Path Home. Sure does give me a lot of freedom in what to write, doesn’t it?

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Crystal said...

This is beautiful. I know I'm going to be reading prose of depth here, not just navel-gazing junk. Welcome to the blogosphere. Your journey is one we all will enjoy reading!