Sunday, September 17, 2006

Writing & Time Management

I just completed what may have been the 3 busiest years of my life thus far. I went to graduate school fulltime (including 2 internships) while working fulltime. It’s quite an interesting feeling to get used to free time again. Suddenly, rather than having every moment of my schedule micro-organized simply because I always had deadlines and appointments looming, I have choices. This is a dangerous thing.
I learned a lot about myself in school. For example, if I could get through the last 3 years, I can do anything. Still, there are bad weeks, like the one I had a couple of weeks ago. It left me incapable of anything but vegging in front of the TV and daydreaming for the whole weekend. So I wonder how I could possibly have coped with the bad weeks I had when I was in school, without the luxury of a 48 hour time out for recovery. I really need to know the answer to this question. Nobody will tell me.
I also know a little more about time management. As they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person. Mind you, I don’t really want to be that busy again. Ever. Still, I thrive on deadlines & structure. At the end of the day, I like knowing I’ve been productive.
Blogging has helped me ease back into the writing world. It’s helped form the BIC habit. It’s a marketing and creativity tool. Still, it takes an investment of time, especially in the beginning, to get ahead of the learning curve. That’s where the dangerous choices come in. Do I need to write a query letter, or do I need to tweak the fonts and formats on my blog? This useful tool can easily become an instrument of procrastination. I can either let the force pull me to the dark side, or I can use it for good.
This week I’m going to choose to use it for good.

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Crystal said...

This is what I'm finding that blogging is doing for me--finding what I'm interested in, keeping me writing while I discover this (BIC!) You are doing a fabulous job with this. I love your blog. I look forward to what you write. Hang in there!