Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Purpose of Writing

Dave Dravecky was born to play baseball. He pursued that dream and played for the San Francisco Giants. Then cancer struck his left arm, his pitching arm. He had surgery to repair it and made a much publicized comeback only to break his arm in his second game following the surgery. Cancer had returned. Dave Dravecky had his pitching arm amputated.
It didn’t kill him. It didn’t spread to other parts of his body. It didn’t affect any major organs. Cancer merely separated Dave from his lifelong sense of identity and purpose. How do you begin to have a conversation with God about that? Sure, terrible things happen in life, but this time the devastation hit with dreadful precision.
Dave is now a Christian author and speaker who shares his faith story, like he did at our Ablaze Rally. He tells of finding his true worth not in his sports record, but in His value to God. (He also has some great fishing stories).
What a reality check. The purpose of serving God is not so I can find identity in writing (or insert your own talent/gift). The purpose of writing (or insert your own talent/gift) is to find identity in serving God.

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