Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Ethical Blogger

I’m slowly figuring out how to add things to my blog. I can’t get my logo to load properly. So that will have to wait.
I’m hoping that my 1st official imbedded link to my friend
Crystal’s blog works. If you haven’t checked hers out, you really should. I still need to add a link list of notable blogs. Any suggestions?
About the links I do have listed. These are just a few of my favorite things, so far. I guess if you click on them, you’ll see what they are about, so they don’t require too much information. Mostly they are things that I find make life and the writing life in particular, easier and more enjoyable. All the software listed has trial or full versions as donateware.
I’m realizing that the decisions of what to add to the blog are more complicated than I thought. I came across this software that allows you to add music to your blog. This has triggered a serious ethical dilemma.
On the one hand, I think it would be lovely to feature personalized music on the blog. It could tie into the theme nicely & contribute to the reader’s sensory experience.
However, as I am writing this, I am listening to my own music. I am aware that you are probably listening to your own music as well. Occasionally other music intrudes on my own music of choice. Often, it’s from a car driving by, whose owner is “sharing” his music with everyone in a 5 block radius. Sometimes, a neighbor lets the parties get a little out of control. It could even be the owner of an MP3 player who is singing along at full tilt because they forgot that the point of headphones is so that you hear your music and we don’t. Forced musical invasion of my space has become a pet peeve of mine.
Can I ethically ask my readers to listen to my music when, although I’m sure you have extraordinary taste, I don’t necessarily prefer to listen to yours?


Sheryl said...

Hi Nancy,
I found your blog from Crystal's blog and already am enjoying it.

I'll give you my two cents worth on the music ... I really don't like it when I log on to a website and it automatically starts playing music. I find it annoying. :-)


Crystal said...

Cool! Sheryl's been here!

Your link to me works. I'll try to see if I can help with the blog links on the sidebar. I still cannot add photos, as yesterday I wanted to put up a friend's cover to his book.

I just think that your blog has such a cool concept and you, being such an intelligent and deep thinker will keep my mind invigorated. Keep blogging! Welcome to the new writer's world. (smile)

Advisor said...

I'm here to say that you probably can have a mute button for any music that you might want to play. Or, It might even be able to be off by default.

How does copyright permissions apply to music played on a blog?

And finally I'm kind of ticked off that I have to start a blog in order to comment here.

Anyway, looks very good so far.