Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Not Here Right Now...

The trouble with a really good night’s sleep is that I sleep so soundly I don’t move, which means I end up with a stiff neck. Yes, it was worth it. But there’s nothing like a stiff neck to make you disinterested in sitting at the computer. So here are a few things I recommend you do away from the computer while I’m also away from the computer.
Go watch Rocky Balboa
Go listen to U218
Go read Charlotte’s Web-again (before you see the movie).
Go take (another) nap
Go journal something

Current music: U218
Current read: Heaven, by Randy Alcorn

1 comment:

Karen Wingate said...

Sorry about your stiff neck! Perhaps it's more than the good night's sleep? (Wacky weather?) Hope another night's sleep works out the kinks.